Green Fees


Casual Visitors18 Holes9 Holes
Afternoon Rate (After 2 pm Winter/ 3 pm Summer)$22$22
Weekends/ Public Holidays$42$32
Afternoon Rate (After 2 pm Winter/ 3 pm Summer)$27$27
Equipment Hire
(Fees as of August 2017)
18 Holes9 Holes
Cart Hire
Pull Buggy$5$5
Golf Clubs$20$15
Competition Prices 
Members - 18 hole$14
Members - 9 hole$8
Member - Social$4
Visitors $39

Visitor Information

Visitors with a current Golf Link card and handicap are welcome to play in club competitions. The visitor or the member nominating a visitor should seek approval from the respective Men’s/Women’s captains or the General Manager before having their name added to the competition field. For non-competition or social rounds, bookings can be made by ringing the Pro Shop on 6296 2888 (Ext 1).
Visitors can not be added to the field via the online booking system.

Please Note

Golf Carts

If hiring golf carts, the rules displayed in cart must be strictly observed. Failure to observe these rules may result in termination of your golf game. Please stay 10 metres from greens and do not drive onto the teeing ground.


Always walk into and out of bunkers on the low side of the bunker (don’t walk up the face of the bunker). Smooth out all footprints in bunkers and replace rakes in the flat of the bunker parallel to the line of play.

Sand Buckets

All players must carry sand buckets and use the sand provided to repair damaged turf on the fairways and in the rough.

Plug Marks

Repair all plug marks on greens

Mobile Phones

The possession of a mobile phone by a competitor or caddie is permitted, provided that whilst on the golf course during the event it is turned off at all times. The phone may only be used in cases of medical emergencies of which proof may be required. The penalty for breach of this condition is disqualification. MCC has introduced a local rule for the use of mobile phones to pre-order food at the 9th and 18th tees.

Pace Play

A round of golf at Murrumbidgee Country Club should take a maximum of 4 hours 15 minutes.

How players can minimise round times:
  • Keep up with the group in front of you.
  • If your group is behind, try to catch up. Try sending 2 players to the next tee after they have putted out.
  • Be ready to play your shot. Do not walk as a group from ball to ball.
  • At the green, speed up your exit by positioning your bags on the way to the next tee.
  • Check to see if the green is free and go straight to tee off and mark your card later.
  • Play a provisional ball if your ball may be lost outside a hazard or out of bounds