Rules and Notices

Suspension of Play Due to a Dangerous Situation

In the event of possible deaths and injuries from lightning on golf courses, members and visitors to Murrumbidgee golf club are urged to take precautions against lightning.  When play is suspended by the Committee or the Pro Shop for a dangerous situation, they must discontinue play immediately and not resume play until the Committee or Pro Shop has ordered a resumption of play. If a player fails to discontinue play immediately, they are disqualified. The signal for suspending play due to a dangerous situation will be a prolonged note of the siren.

Warning Signals

The following signals will be used at Murrumbidgee Country Club:

Discontinue Play Immediately: One prolonged note of siren/horn. (30 Seconds)

Resume Play: Two short notes of siren/horn, repeated. (2 x 10 Seconds)

Rule 6-8 will be applied in the event of suspension of play.