2018 Men’s Pennant Teams


On behalf of the pennant selection committee, I would like to congratulate those members who have been selected to represent Murrumbidgee Country Club for the upcoming pennant season. For those who were not chosen, thank you for nominating but please keep in mind that you may be called upon at some stage if additional players are required. The teams are listed below and if any information relating to pennants please contact either the nominated captain or the men’s captain at  Further to this, could all players please be at the club on Thursday 01 February at 6:00pm in order to meet your fellow team members.


A Grade   B Handicap (GA 10 or above )
Aaron Shearing (Captain)   Paul Hogarth
Josh Campbell   James Stuart
Mick Williamson   Keith Rowe
Joey Dean   Kaeden Watts
George Morogiannis   Gerry Johnson  (Captain)
Andrew Steele   Luke Sherwood
Jarryd Lane   Troy Eldridge
Brett Deane   Jeremy Hodnik
A Reserve     Seniors Scratch
Peter Gniel   Ross Oakman (Captain)
Steve Grant   Ross Lee
Warrick Manning   Rod Drayton
Col Cooper   Stewart Jones
Jason Wagg   Graeme Walker
Matt Connor  (Captain)   Ray McAvoy
Dean Hill   Wayne Henock
Open Handicap   Seniors Handicap
Andrew Champion (Captain)   Steve Fellows
Teague Baldry   Mick Stiles
Sean Ryan   Raj Pratap (Captain)
Steve Annan   Bruce Wight
Alvin Daniel   Stuart Hayes
Dave Ashton   Phil Smith
Mick Steele   Peter Neill
Kar Yeow   Warren James
Rob Tidy    
Mick Weiss    
Sam Schmidt    
Bruce Wight    
Mick Houston    
  Des Desfontaines
Men’s Captain